• Discover your company’s essence.
  • Find your unique selling points.
  • Maximise your sales message.
  • Get your entire team on the same sheet.


Imagine how powerful it would be if everyone in your team shared a common vision for your company.


Imagine if all your staff worked together in unity towards one common company goal.


Imagine if your customers fully understood what your company stands for and shared the same faith in it that you do.

Well now you can take the first step towards making this happen by booking a LaunchLab Brand Wheel Session.


What is a Brand Wheel Session?

LaunchLab has redefined a commonly used marketing tool and turned it into a powerful and motivational roadmap for your brand.

In a session designed for directors and management, the LaunchLab team will define where your business is at right now and where you want it to be.

Our team will explore your brand in detail, audit your marketing to date, debate your sales messaging and organise your product / service offerings into bite sized pieces that the public can easily consume and understand.

The session will challenge you and your team to look at your business like one of its clients. It will make you question whether your services and products are correctly positioned and sold. It will streamline your business offering and ultimately create a roadmap for your brand.

After the session, LaunchLab will furnish you with a Brand Wheel Results document that will help you and your staff steer your brand into the future.

The sessions are led by Stephen Cosh and Graeme Niven, both of whom have held management positions in marketing agencies for the last 20 years and worked with global clients of all sizes and in all sectors.

Brand Wheel sessions are designed for a maximum of 12 people and typically last 3-4 hours.

Sessions are best held off-site to ensure that you and your team can dedicate your full focus without interruptions.

Cost : £1000 + VAT

What our clients say...

"We found the Launch Brand Wheel Session very helpful in defining our company’s offering, it helped us to identify the various services we deliver, how our clients view these services and what they think of CDM Scotland as a whole.

Launch forced us out of our comfort zone and enabled us to review our marketing in a more neutral way, enabling us to push ourselves towards where we want to be as a brand with more motivation and excitement."

Lee Steward, CDM Scotland

"Delighted with the outcome of a Brand Wheel Session with the Launch team - their expertise in distilling the essence of our brand and the messaging to support it was impressive."

Dr Caroline Vance, Engage


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